What is a Vision Board?

A vision board, also known as treasure map is a visual representation of your future ideal life. A tool to help you focus on your ideal future, it is a reminder to engage your imagination in the process of creative visualization. On par with the importance of writing out your goals, if used in conjunction with written goals, it provides a good foundation (metaphorically or as a base of tools) to grow your dreams upon.

Placed where you can see it often, a vision board becomes a constant reminder, a target or point of focus for both your conscious and subconscious mind. It directs the goal seeking and intuitive parts of your brain/mind to discover how to realize your vision. You will begin to notice opportunities that you might not have seen before.

This is not about magical thinking, you still have to take actions based on a plan that you develop and refine over time. However, it is a fun and powerful process to get you focused on and connected to your ideal life dreams.

How Do You Make a Vision Board?

First take some time, find a place that is conducive for you to relax and daydream for a spell.

Consider, if money time and energy where not an issue, if you could have anything, what would that be? Let yourself go wild with your day dream. Don’t edit your thoughts for this exercise. If you could design your perfect life, what would it look like? Who would be with you? How do you imagine a typical day? What would you be doing? Where would you be? What kind of impact would you be having on others around you?

Make some notes and if you are having trouble imagining, consider the different domains in your life: Career/livelihood; financial; health; friends and family; significant other/romance; personal growth; fun and recreation; physical environment/place.

Don’t feel tied to one vision while you are exploring, imagine several different possibilities. Play with a variety of scenarios. Then allow yourself to be drawn to what is most compelling.

Still stumped with the imagining part? Try making a list of all the things you know you don’t want and then on another sheet of paper for each "don't want" write out the opposite, the positive re-frame.

Now take some paper, a big sheet so you have plenty of room to play around. At least 18”x24”.

Cut out from newspapers, magazines or other sources, images of things that represent that ideal life. You can also draw if collaging doesn't appeal to you? The accuracy of your drawing skill is not important as long as you recognize what the drawing represents. It could even be symbols as long as you understand it and it resonates with your vision helping you to connect to the feeling of being there in that ideal future.

Have fun with it, use color pencil, markers, paint, whatever appeals to you. Also feel free to use words as well that might have significance but, it should have images and not consist of words only. Be sure to include images of yourself.

Enjoy the adventure as you begin to span the gap from where you are now to your preferred future.

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