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Sassy Soup; A Flow Potion Recipe

This serious creativity remedy is good for unjamming blocks, juicing your muse, learning to let go or just stirring things up!

Start with 2 jars of Gettupango Berry juice. Use a large soup kettle that has a good bit of lip so that it will pour easily (this recipe is meant to be poured rather than labeled).

Boil it on high heat for 4 minutes & 32 seconds. Lower the heat to incubate while adding the following ingredients:

  • 2 to 10 raw cut up but unpeeled idea roots
  • A big squirt of scrunch your eyes and visualize
  • 7 shakes of imp powder
  • 2 cc ‘s of good girl sweeeeet syrup (just to be sure there is a little contradiction in the spicing)
  • 1 pristine sharp edged ruler
  • 5 broken or mangled rulers of various sizes
  • 3 sprigs of confusion
  • 1 large bunch of uncertainty
  • ½ teaspoon hot pepper of your choice
  • At least one whole passion fruit, seeds, skins and all
  • 2-3 spoonfuls of fresh Toktafrens jam
  • Some tart or bitter medium. Add an intuitive amount to the recipe and a little to go with whatever medium you choose not to work in. It’s good to set a little aside to ripen for the future.
  • 1 lb common sense linguini
  • 5 good splashes of nonsense bean extract

Cook on high heat for 7 minute and 43 second or until it tastes unavoidable.

Before serving let it sit in a slightly warm place maybe a sunny windowsill or near a woodstove, stirring occasionally or not.

While you wait, take the tart or bitter medium you set aside, put it into a knapsack. Add an unknown amount of mystery powder and go for a contemplative walk in the woods or run around the neighborhood singing your favorite blues song or repeating a salty line from the newspaper or a funny name from the telephone book, whatever you prefer. Bring along some crusty bread, sardines or ripe cheese and some fruit to eat as a snack and maybe some lime water to drink. Be sure to stop and smell things during this outing.

When you return from the walk or run stretch before pouring out the unavoidable concoction you have made.

To serve this you will need one large funnel, a colander, a few rubber hoses, a few rubber bands, a pieces or two of silly putty, some old dried orange peels or grated red cabbage, yellow chalk, water, a few small glasses and bowls, candles, string and finally other mediums, instruments and tools of your choice.

Set the table with the service items listed above. Eat it if you dare and please share it with others!

Looking for a little more serious creativity? Here's and alternate recipe:

Unsticky Pie

If you don’t generally like soupy things or pasta and prefer pie, you can transform all these ingredients by using crust instead of linguini and Gettupango sauce instead of juice. All you need to do is roll out some perseverance dough, place it in the best shallow surface baking dish, fill with the other ingredients and steam it! No ironing necessary.

Hint: All of these ingredients work best if you sleep on them before trying to use them. It can be tricky to get a good night sleep in a lumpy bed so, it is recommended that you place them under the bed instead of actually in the bed with you.

If you have had enough of this serious creativity or don't feel like cooking but you still want assistance to stop procrastinating try my getting unstuck tips or consider individual or group coaching.

This recipe is also featured in the life recipes section of the book Art, Life, Food:Potluck Recipes from Women's Studio Workshop.

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