• Do you find yourself veering off the healthy habits path?
  • Does the excuse monster keep getting in your way, wrecking your resolve? Or
  • Is your rebel part tired of routines and thus interrupting your momentum?

What is your habit story? What do you want it to be?

Imagine feeling more confident, having more energy and accomplishing more because you have developed new grooves that support your bigger mission in life.

This class series is for you if you are ready to span the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

New Grooves is meant to get you started with creating a new healthy habit. Building your success one groove at a time.

Lisa will help you during this 5 week course to:

  • Choose a new groove, and set appropriate goals to aim for
  • Understand and learn to overcome common barriers
  • Avoid mistakes most people make
  • Be accountable through the support of a group
  • Learn tools to maintain your momentum
  • Stay on your new habit path

We will meet 1 hr. weekly and will also use Slack an App to share progress and support fellow participants.   

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