AMP Up Your Art/Life:
Creativity Coaching with
Lisa Kellogg

"All the arts we practice are apprenticeship. The big art is our life." -M.C. Richards

This creativity coaching series will provide the structure for you to address a variety of issues common to artist/creatives and will help you to AMP Up & bring new energy and focus to your creative work/life.

Lisa will lead participants to:

  • Get focused and commit to SMART Goals
  • Prioritize, plan, take action and be accountable
  • Brainstorm, strategize, & discover new opportunities
  • Learn tools & tips for working through creative blocks
  • Use her AMP Up Process to have fun and get more done!

Each session there will be an exercise, tip or topic as well as time to share progress, explore opportunities and be challenged to stretch with the encouragement and support of other participants and Coach Kellogg.

Begins: TBA (6 sessions)

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I have had a few people contact me wondering if this is the right class for them.

Here are points of clarity coming out of their questions:

This creativity coaching series will be much like the others (Green Visions and Surviving to Thriving). The main difference is that it is being offered for people who self identify as artist or creatives in order to have the group experience be about common interests and challenges. Each participant will be deciding what they want to work on for the duration of the series.

I will offer tools, tips and exercises that will be applicable for life situations as well as in assisting with your creative work.

Also note the class is not just about your creative process or specifically about marketing your art, but could address either or other life issues that might be effecting the level of focus energy and success with your work and also will depend on individual interests. In general it will deal with a broad range of issues stemming from the needs of the participants.

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Lisa Kellogg
Rosendale, NY 12472

"I feel that this group and Lisa's work has been tremendously helpful in identifying my stumbling blocks. I have worked with coaches and endless books
on my own and not arrived at what I arrived at with this experience."
-Bibi Farber, Songwriter

"Lisa knows her stuff and gets you thinking"-Christoph Hitz

"I think that it is difficult for an artist to conceptualize a time to meet with other artists in a certain way. I am not talking about salons. Those clearly provide time and place for artists’ exchanges. Focused and therapeutic work on oneself in a group setting, however, is harder to budget time for. One wants to make more time for art. Introspection might be part of the process, but group therapy seems to be of dubious worth. Then, I joined the group offered by Lisa Kellogg. I got immediate returns in the way of zeroing in on my work through clearer process and of visioning my future life so that these—work and life—were not exclusive or at odds but complemented each other.

Lisa has a great touch for guiding the group process while letting the group work on its own and the individual within the group stretch in her or his own way. The monthly meetings and semi-monthly check-ins provided a great framework in which to discover something about my modes of operation and attitudes toward my own work. I definitely grew during that process." -Avant-garde filmmaker

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