A Creative Time Travel Adventure

Come As You Will Be In 5 Years!

Join Us For a Creative Time Travel Celebration to Exercise Your Imagination & Propel You Into Your Ideal Future!

"If you believe in yourself this is for you. If you don't then this might make you believe! What a great way to say: 'Universe, here I come!'"- James Casey, below with future books at a past event.

Why wait until something has happened to celebrate it?
What if celebrating it could help to bring it about?

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Who and where do you want to be in 5 Years? Appear as the person you ideally imagine being in 5 years. If you are not sure, arrive as one possibility and explore it. Show up with props and or costume (or not, they're not a requirement to attend) that represent your adventures and accomplishments. The sky's the limit! Spend the workshop/celebration in your preferred future where all your goals and dreams have been realized. Why wait until it happens to celebrate it? Visualize and celebrate it now and dramatically increase the chance that it really will happen.

Stretch yourself and play with the possibilities!

Lisa Kellogg, Time Wizard, Success & Creativity Coach,
Maryellen Whittington-Couse, Time Transformation Consultant, Trainer & Coach and Ann Citron, Actress, Director & Proprietor of Canaltown Alley Arts Center will be your hosts, helping you to stay in your ideal future for the entire experience.

RSVP Call Lisa at 845-658-9120 or use the contact form. on this site.

If you are interested but still puzzled, here's a bit more information...
Time Travel will help you gain fresh ideas and a sense of confidence about creating your preferred future.

This participatory fun event, part workshop, part celebration includes:

  • A guided meditation to help you have an imaginary experience of the future (5 years from now).
  • Fun and games to get you playing with the possibilities.
  • Time to explore and celebrate your future adventures and accomplishments with the other participants.

We hope you will take us up on the adventure of a little creative time travel and we look forward to seeing you there!

Below are some more ideas of how you could play with this:

Prop examples: Awards you have won; books you have written; exhibition reviews; scrap books or photos of your accomplishments; letters of congratulations; evidence that you have been chosen for a grant or dream job; magazine covers or articles you are in. The props could also represents the impact you have had on others by living your ideal life; a project you worked on with others; something you contributed to that became successful; pictures of the house you have built; trees you planted or open space you helped to save or a person you helped.

     If your dream has been to spend more time relaxing at the ocean, bring a jar of sand and a salt water spray. What have you done that you feel happy and content with by 2018 and what represents the accomplishments?

     If you feel like getting into a creative time costume, you could also choose to show up as a metaphor for who you will be in 5 years.

     For example; if you imagine yourself in the future and when you picture living your ideal, you feel like a monkey, otter, sunflower or a mountain lion, then come dressed up as that metaphor in addition to bringing props that represent what you have accomplished.

     The idea is to interpret this in a way that helps you step into the future by using your imagination.Thus , a creative time travel event! It is meant to be a fun, to shake out the winter cabin fever but it is also a powerful evening of acting as if and if you allow your self to play with the ideas it just might be the beginning of courageously living that dream you have been secretly harboring! Or if it has not been a secret maybe it will help you to step into the dream in a more powerful way.

*a note about where this idea came from. I wish I could say I thought this up but, I didn't. I have been familiar with this idea since I attended Coach training in 2001. I participated in condensed version (showing up as who you will be in the future) of it in the last training. More recently, I came across the idea again in Jack Canfield's book The Success Principles. He includes an invitation for the reader's use which I have taken off on.

Thus, if you like the idea but can't attend this celebration for some reason, get the book and throw your own In 5 years Party!

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