Creating A Website or E-Business

Are you looking for new income possibilities?

Consider creating a website based business. If you would like to make money on-line or develop multiple streams of income, why not use your knowledge and creativity to become an infopreneur?

"What the beetle's an infopreneur?" you ask.

I didn't know when I started this either but, I was fascinated to learn that people actually make money on-line creating websites using knowledge about an interest or passion of theirs without a product or service to sell. Of course, many people combine being an infopreneur (information publishing) with selling a product or service but, I was intrigued by the possibilities and potential freedom of having a business that could be completely mobile.

For more on building a website business go to Site Build It, (SBI) the program I used to build this site.*

If you would like to learn more about my experience with SBI continue below but, first I'd like to invite you to meet Elad, he successfully used SBI to become an infopreneur.

(Woops something is up with that link, major update in process, detail, details... come back soon ... thanks for your patience!)

Beyond the question of information publishing, you might ask what does building a website have to do with creativity?

More than you might imagine...

When I bought Site Build It (SBI), I wanted a website that I could update myself that would get traffic in order to bring potential clients to my site. I was thinking of it purely from a business standpoint, as a marketing venture that was a do-it-yourself program. I was not anticipating that creative juice would get sparked from the process. Wow, was I wrong!

Using SBI turned out to be a catalyst for my creativity, sparking many new ideas, thoughts and connections. The information and the exercises provided by SBI in the e-books and the video action guides were very helpful, and a clear invitation to explore the possibilities lit by your passion. SBI’s Brainstormer tool helped me to explore a range of themes. Sifting, pushing, pulling and playing with my varied interests. Learning about the structure of how search engines and the world wide web work through the video action guide helped immensely, so that I could develop a site that fits my interests, markets my coaching, and is energizing to write about. Amazingly it is also getting and building traffic! It is wild to me and fun to have people from all over the world (recently from more than 30 different countries in a month) finding my site as they search the internet.

Creating a website using SBI has been and is work but its also a fun journey that jazzes me.

Another great thing about SBI is that you need not have any technical computer knowledge to use it. I didn’t know what keywords were or how search engines worked and I couldn’t figure out how to use a forum before I started. This program is very well designed and made to be very accessible. It is so much more than a simple website building program, instead it is more of an intensive business building course. Plus, it comes with a whole community of people ready to help through Site Build It’s on-line forum. I am still blown away by all I get for the money with SBI. It even includes the capacity to provide and online newsletter(up to 5000 subscribers a month) and a blog for no extra fee.

So if you are curious, here is a short intro

Compare SBI with other programs. Or go to Solo Build It (SBI) Home

Start with a short 2 minute video or take the ½ hr video tour that will walk you through SBI's process of creating a website so you can get a better understanding of how it all works. There are also many of SBI's successful sites you can view on the results page as well as video testimonials from SBI owners who love the program.

PS. If you think you can’t do this because you can’t write, think again. I used to struggle terribly to write and yes, I still do sometimes but, I am changing that story about myself and building this site is helping.


* In the interest of transparency, you should know that I am an SBI affiliate. What does that mean? Go to disclosures.

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