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AMP It Up: 3 Essential Keys to
Expand Your Creativity & Success

These AMP It Up Keys may seem simple, even obvious yet, they are essential if you want to intentionally expand your creativity and your ability to succeed. Unfortunately, they are often overlooked in our speedy “get things done yesterday” culture.


Key 1) Awareness is the basic foundation necessary to amplify your creativity. Both inner and outer awareness are essential to generating and expanding your imaginative and creative capacities. The practice of observing without judgment, your internal world, thoughts, emotions, actions will lead you to new insights and learning. Outer awareness, observing your surroundings and your experiences with all your senses is raw material, food, for your creativity. Interesting things spring from the relationship between the two, inner and outer awareness.

*Hint: Cultivating attitudes of both curiosity and gratitude will help you stay open and non-judgmental in both your inner and outer awareness practice.

Key 2) Movement, taking action, starts the flow and is the first step towards generating momentum. Action is essential, otherwise all your ideas will stay stuck in your head and/or body. Please share them! Respond to impulses that come from both inner and outer awareness. Movement is also a balance for awareness. Move toward mastery by practicing whatever medium, activities, skills or profession you are engaged in. Exercise, develop and take action towards mastery of your vision and life. By putting your ideas into action, you get results and the subsequent feedback will help you develop more ideas, momentum and onto greater levels of mastery and success.

Key 3) Play is where limitless possibilities exist. Play is the process that you need to engage to find new ideas, connections, patterns, possibilities, meanings, expressions, and innovations. Ones that would not emerge through a logical linear analytical approach alone. Play is where we explore and discover. Children play naturally and effortlessly. For most of us adulthood comes with the unwanted guest, the inner critic, fear of making mistakes, being wrong, judged and ultimately limits our creativity. To become more creative we must cultivate our ability to play. Find that innocent, curious, explorer inside who is willing to reach out and try something new and different. Play is energizing, enlivening and it uses both the other critical elements awareness and movement, a kind of dance with and between them.

I invite you to AMP It Up! Practice Awareness Movement & Play Everyday!

If you want support implementing these keys, I offer private, group coaching and tele-classes geared towards helping people expand their creativity, breakthrough to new levels of success and develop fulfilling and "fun" filling lives.

For more information go to my coaching page or contact me.

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