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Lisa will speak briefly and then open it up for a Q&A 

If you are interested in attending please sign up by filling out her contact form with a request stating Cafe and you'll be sent additional details. 

*Below are Cafe topics from the past.

New Grooves: How to Create & Maintain
Healthy Habits

What is your habit story?

What do you want it to be?

Come find out how you can span the gap from stuck to streaming!

  • Do you find yourself veering off the healthy habit path?
  • Does the excuse monster keep getting in your way, wrecking your resolve? Or,
  • Is your rebel part tired of routines and thus interrupting your momentum?

Lisa’s presentation is a great way to begin or revive healthy habits. People often know what to do but find they too easily slide away, down their old pattern rope. When you find your grip slipping or your momentum wavering, Lisa has great tips to help you hold your healthy commitments to yourself and hang onto the healthy growth rope. If you would like to learn ways to stay focused and motivated on your path to a healthier happier life:

Join Lisa Kellogg, Creativity & Success Coach and Learn:

  • Mistakes you don’t want to make that could delay your progress.
  • Tips to overcome the most common barriers to maintaining healthy habits.
  • How to deal with the excuse monster & rebel parts who keep you from following through.
  • A fun easy key to help you move forward, creating your desired results.
  • The best ways to gauge your progress to stay energized & build momentum.

Listen in and find out how you can transform the old patterns into New Grooves and step fully into the new you.

This Coaching Cafe time and place TBA. Reserve your spot by contacting me here.

Other past and future coaching cafe topics include:

Playing for Resilience: Managing Change & Uncertainty

Are you playing enough?

For many people, when I ask this question, the answer is a resounding "NO". Then they will go on to say that they don't have enough time and will often categorize play as something separate from work. I know that place, I was there and now for a variety of reasons that I'll share at the talk, I find myself on a mission to get people to take play more seriously.

Come find out:

  • Why play is so important.
  • Fun ways to incorporate more play into our lives, not just after work but during work.
  • How to build resilience and creativity, both important in terms of dealing with change and uncertainty.

I will also discuss how to use my AMPs process to increase your energy and manage change in order to deal with uncertainty and thrive even in adverse times. Discover new ideas and revive your connection to your life's passions and dreams.

After a brief presentation, there will be a Q&A, live coaching. (There is no charge for this presentation.)

"A play state allows people to explore the possible, differentials in power can be overridden by a process of nature which is
within all of us."
-Stuart Brown

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