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5 Steps to Amp Up Your Biz/ Life

Exercise Your Imagination Take Action!
Breakthrough to
New Levels of Success & Creativity!

Amp Up Your Biz/Life coaching class would be a good fit for you if:

  • You are tired of feeling overwhelmed by the mountains of work before you.
  • Tired of settling for mediocre results, and your ready to make a big change in the way you operate.
  • You have hit a plateau and are bored with your work?
  • You feel like it is time to build a more resilient sustainable Biz/Life Or
  • You feel like you have lost your focus or original intention with your business or career path and the work isn't fun any more. You are not sure what happened to the adventure you started and you're not sure how or where to go now? You think it might be time to stretch your limits, and reach a new level but your not sure how.

Do you want to learn how to catch your creative current so that you can "AMP" up your life, take it to a new level and have fun while doing it?

In this coaching class you will learn 3 important keys, principals that are essential to practice and 5 steps to accelerate your growth so you can breakthrough to new levels of success.

Lisa will teach her AMP Up Process designed to assist you in stretching beyond your current limits to create a fulfilling and "fun"filling Biz/life, where you are sharing your gifts with the world in a bigger way.

Join Lisa and learn:

  • Mistakes you don't want to make that would delay your progress.
  • About how to deal with the 3 biggest barriers to success.
  • How to use Lisa's AMP Up Process to help you take imaginative action, accelerate your progress and breakthrough to new levels of creativity, success and "fun"fillment.
  • The most important ingredient, the foundation for tapping your imaginative capacities, developing your creativity and locating your "inner innovator". This is also how to have fun while stretching yourself into new territory.

This class will begin TBA.

If the dates and times are a problem, don't worry the calls will be recorded so that you can listen at another time if you need to.

Fee for the series is TBA

To register go to payment options page

Still not sure?

No mater what stage of life you're in, a young person recently out on your own, mid-career or mid-life in transition, about to retire or in retirement, you likely are having to face new challenges and more unpredictable circumstances due to our transitioning economy than any time in recent history.

Learning to amplify your imaginative capacities, exercise your creativity will make you more resilient, flexible and help you find solutions, ideas and adaptions more quickly.

The system taught in this series when practiced consistently will put you a step ahead giving you the confidence to respond effectively to the constantly changing world we are living in.

Artist & Success Coach, Lisa Kellogg has a keen understanding of creativity and life mastery principals. She excels at helping people tap their imaginative capacity, connect to their most important values and vision and build the confidence and courage to breakthrough to new levels of success in both their personal and professional lives.

For more about her background go to about Lisa.

If you are ready to AMP Up your Biz/life now? You can register through the coaching packages page.

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