Experience Preserves

Here is a fun, do it yourself, creative gift idea, Experience Preserves! Aside from being a great gift, it's also a fun way to remind you to focus on the positive possibilities for your life. I created these preserves as a take off on the idea of gratitude practicing tools such as; a gratitude journal, box or a jar. They serve as a place for you to record and keep experiences that you are grateful for as a way of reminding you to engage a grateful state of mind. I liked the idea of a jar as it sparked more playful metaphors than a journal and thought, "why not broaden the idea to any positive experience, rather than only ones associated with gratitude?"

Though, I realize if its a positive experience, it is likely that you are also grateful to have had it. Perfect to draw on in a bleak time when you need a lift but especially fun to use at the end of the year as a celebration.   

I made them for gifts in the Winter of 2012.

Each jar of Experience Preserves has the same text but each fluffy cloud drawings is hand drawn and thus, unique. Directions are on the back label as seen below.

In case you have trouble reading this photograph of the text, here is what it says:

Directions:  Write down any positive, delightful, fun, pleasant experience that you’d like to remember. Any experience from a sweet moment to an elaborate memory will work. Record it with details about your sense experience. Fold and insert into jar. Preserving at least one memory a week is recommended, preferably more as that will make spreading your positive preserve more abundant, sticky and delightful. Open the jar and read as needed and especially at the end of the year when it has become full of joyful jelly and lovely moments.

I made them out of both pint and quart sized canning jars (available at my local, Marbletown Hardware Store). I took adhesive backed printer paper, printed the text out and then hand drew the cloud lines with blue colored pencils. I also made a slot in the top of the jars to insert the memories like a piggy bank. There are cloud drawings around these openings and also around the label on the back.

I encourage you to make your own but, if you can't manage it, I am creating some for sale. Contact me for details.

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