HAPPY 2010!

May you enjoy the "Oh!" of the next fresh snow! Or, if you are not in snow country then some "Oh" or "ahhh" from another wonder! May you carry that wonder with you into whatever adventures you have in 2010.

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Today's Point: Finding 2010: 5 question to help you get here.

What's Next?: Get in Gear for the New Year.
Time Travel: Come as you will be in 2015 and other adventures.

Last Point: Katherine Fulton's TED talk on the future of philanthropy.

Have you landed in 2010 yet?

I over shot 2010 with the New Years Eve Time Travel. I landed in 2015 and the return trip was a little gusty so, I think I am back in 2010 but, I'm not entirely sure. Either way, I am enjoying the moment as much as I can regardless of what year or dimension I seem to be in.

Have you landed in 2010?

I was speaking with a client today who said that he just wasn't here in the new year yet. It's not the first conversation I have had with folks who are having a slow time getting into the year 2010. I'm wondering if it isn't some decade effect? Ahhh! Transitions... a new decade is a bigger notion to get your mind around and into. If you are hesitating, see if these questions can help you wrap up before starting a new.

What do you need, to finish 2009? Poly or oil, do you want it to be mat or glossy? Just kidding... Here are the real questions:

  • What were your most valuable lessons? (Looking back at the bumps and "ouches" through silver lining binoculars, what do you see?)
  • What were your most gratifying, pleasurable memories, ones you want to savor, the best parts of your 2009 story?
  • Is there anything you need to complete, let go of or agree to bring along (sometimes we need to accept that something isn't finished, let go of the regret and bring the unfinished goal along with a fresh perspective) in order to land firmly in 2010?
  • What accomplishments do you feel most pleased by?

If you are a bit stuck in 09, the last decade or even if you have landed in 2010 but want to acknowledge your successes, answering these questions may help you have an easier time considering what is next. If you have already started working on what's next, cheers to you!

  • Ok... So, come January 2011, what is the story you want to tell about 2010? What are the highlights you want to be able to celebrate?

For additional help setting goals go to my goal setting tips page.

What's Next?

Get in Gear for the New Year

Are you looking for some fun, a celebration to bring in the New Year?

Join me & my Time Travel collaborators Maryellen Whittington-Couse and Ann Citron, your hosts for another

Time Travel Event: Come as you will be in 2015!

At Canaltown Alley on Sat. Jan 9th. 7:30pm RSVP Lisa at 658-9120 or by replying to this newsletter.

"If you believe in yourself this is for you. If you don't then this might make you believe! What a great way to say: 'Universe, here I come!'" -James Casey

"I enjoyed the Time Travel I attended last year. It is an unusual and creative way to visualize your own future as you would like it to turn out. One of my goals was to go study and experience France that summer, and I did end up fulfilling that goal." –Rebecca Horwitz

This event is designed to fuel your imagination and to help pull you into your preferred future. For more information on this and the following classes coming soon.

Get your Year in Gear a tele-class

Vision & Action 2010: Mapping Your Ideal Life a one day workshop &

Vision in Action a coaching series go to classes and events.

Last Point

Katherine Fulton: You Are the Future of Philanthropy

Since we are still so close to the season and spirit of giving... Here is a wonderful TED talk on philanthropy and the future.

"We are not thinking our way into a new way of acting. We are acting our way into a new way of thinking. Philanthropy is re-organizing itself before our very eyes."-Katherine Fulton

Katherine Fulton


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