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What's New?: Get in Gear for the New Year! Time Travel 2010-2015
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2 Last Points: John Francis says "Thank you" after 17 years of silence
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Hopping Along Keeping Thanks Going:
Good Energy Rabbits

I hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving! I was in VT and felt completely satiated and grateful for being with family feasting and fun'n!

Personally and from a coaching perspective, I understand the power of gratitude to shift your energy and mindset. Cultivating a daily attitude of gratitude can be a potent tool to assist with transforming your life.

So, I was thinking after thanksgiving, how can I spark you to keep it fresh in your consciousness, to keep “Thanks going”?

Getting a little silly, I came up with this Gratitude Habit Rabbit to remind you to form a habit of being grateful. Developing new habits takes conscious effort in the beginning. If you regularly practice intentionally focusing on gratitude, eventually, you will naturally find yourself in a grateful state of mind on a more frequent basis.

If you would like to experiment and see for yourself, here are a few ideas. (Right click on the rabbit to save and print separately.)

  • Write a daily list of ten things you are grateful for, either at the beginning or the end of the day or both. (See if you can feel it in your body not just think it in your head. For more on how to do that go to attitude of gratitude.)

  • Print and place the habit rabbit where you will see it frequently, to serve as a reminder for you to consciously focus on appreciating something. Or, combine the above two ideas.

  • Place the rabbit at the top of a big sheet of paper on the wall where you will pass it throughout your day. Every time you pass it, write something on the paper you are grateful for.
I invite you to playfully experiment and hop into a gratitude habit.

If you’re not sure the value of developing or expanding an attitude of gratitude is worth the effort. Or, if you are just curious, here is a link to an article Highlights from the Research Project on Gratitude and Thankfulness by Emmons and McCullough out of UC Davis.
Project on Gratitude

What's New?

Get in Gear for the New Year!

Looking for some fun, a celebration to bring in a new you?
Come to a Time Travel Event at both

Canaltown Alley on Sat. Jan 9th.

Or, if you are up for an overnight stay, treat yourself to the New Age Health Spa for 12/30 and New Years Eve. Enjoy wonderful food, relaxation, rejuvenating treatments and then bring in the new you with the New Year at NAHS.

For more info on these events and other classes go to coaching classes.

2 Last Points

John Francis Walks the Earth

A moving story, a few funny moments too but, mostly a powerful message about ... Oh, I can't give it away... John Francis Walks the Earth

SBI Opportunity

If you have viewed my create a web biz page you might know that I have used Site Build It to create this website and that I am a big fan of the program.

Usually, you can purchase it through an annual fee only. Recently, they decided to sell it for a monthly fee as an experiment. So, if you have been curious but held off because of the investment, you can now explore it for a much smaller monthly fee. (BTW the e-zine, up to 5000 letters per month, is included in the monthly fee.)

I don’t know how long the program will be available for the monthly fee so, check it out while you can. Any questions about it feel free to contact me. I love this program and can’t recommend it highly enough.

*In the interest of full transparency and disclosure, I am an affiliate with SBI. It is part of how I cover the cost of running this website and newsletter.

Any comments? Ideas? Feedback? Other "Points" you think I should include? I'd love to hear from you. Just reply and tell me what you think!

Thank you,

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