Pin it Down: Goal Setting for Success

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Pin it Down: Goal Setting for Success

Recently, I gave a talk to a business group on goal setting. At first, I was surprised after I took a quick hand count as to how many attending had previously written their goals down. My count indicated less than 1/3 of the people in attendance.

Then, I thought about it and had to admit that it was only after I became a coach and learned the value of it that I had started writing my goals down.

So what was my resistance? I think a lot of the time, I either didn’t know what I wanted or what I wanted changed a lot. And, yes there was a tad bit of fear about committing to something, to stepping out of my comfort zone too.

What are the things that stop you from writing your goals down?

Here are a couple of reasons to take the time and do it.

1) Writing your goals down does signify a commitment but, it doesn't mean they can’t change. The value in the commitment is that it puts a specific target out in front of you. It is hard to hit a fuzzy target when you are not sure of its location. Writing your goals requires you to be decisive and will help you focus on and accelerate your progress to meet them. Or, if you discover along the way through action and feedback that it is not right you can re-define the goal.

2) Writing your goals down also helps you tag them with a powerful prioritizing process in your brain. Once activated, you will begin to notice opportunities and resources that will help lead you to that goal's realization. It’s a way to engage the subconscious and creative parts of your mind in addition to your logical linear parts. Why not work on your goals even when you are sleeping?

For ideas on getting started with your goals go to Goal Setting Tips.

What's New?

Waking Up to Something Old

The title of this will make sense when you watch the video.

Janine Benyus gives a WOW! TED Talk Biomimicry in Action.

"Sustainable innovation inspired by nature."

Janine Benyus on Biomimicry

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I'm off to DE to The Delmarva Greenland Kayaking Retreat. Yeah! A little break.

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Check it out... Delmarva

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