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Stretch Your Comfort Zone?

Jump Into the Current!

"there is very little emphasis within our education system on the education of the imagination, which requires sustained encounters with uncertainty." - Shaun McNiff

Let’s hope this emphasis is changing, seems like we need our collective imaginations like never before.

Having jumped into a current of uncertainty recently, I've been working my courage muscle. Even those of us who have learned to be comfortable with some degree of uncertainty may find it challenging to experience it for extended time frames. We may learn to embrace it in certain contexts but forget to apply it in others. For instance; when working with artist, I find they may have developed an ability to be with uncertainty in their art making process but often it does not occur to them to transmit that understanding to the big work of their life.

So, maybe you have made a “sweaty moment” decision, leaped and are in mid air, feeling like a flying squirrel on a gusty day.

Or, maybe you didn’t consciously choose the uncertainly, but feel it as a result of the current economic transition we seem to be in.

Either way, whether you’re derailed, or have jumped into the current on purpose, learning to be with uncertainty is an important skill to develop.

Here are a few suggestions:

1) Check your mindset. What are you telling yourself about the situation? You can change it to a more resourceful message. Realize you have a choice about how you view where you are and what you are about to do.

2) Keep moving, be decisive, take action. It’s much easier to steer when in motion and thus redirect your course, if needed, than to try to turn from a standstill. Besides, you will gain clarity as you learn from your experiences.

3) Take little leaps if you need to build your courage, confidence and self trust. Gradually, you will make bigger leaps and be able to maintain longer periods of uncertainty.

4) Find or reconnect to your purpose. Why are you doing what you are doing? Remembering your purpose will help to carry you through moments of nail biting doubt, managing the fear that inevitable arises from pushing beyond your current limits.

As you become more comfortable with being in uncertainty, you begin to view it as exciting instead of scary, your courage grows. Interesting things start to happen in that space between when we relax into uncertainty, life become more of an adventure. Enjoy!

What's New?

Creativity Innovation & Impact: AMP Up Your Life & Breakthrough to the Next Level

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Tuesday Aug 4th, 7:30-8:30pm EST

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Last Point

Creativity Innovation & Impact: 6 Steps to AMP Up Your Life

I will be offering a 6 or 7 week Coaching Tele-series beginning in Sept. The calls will be recorded. So, if you cannot attend the class time, you can listen later. Look for more info and details soon. Let me know if it interest you.

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