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To the Point, Issue #0027 -- >, Happy 2021
January 07, 2021

Peace Love & More Hugs for 2021!

Stepping into 2021... What will it bring, what will you make?

To the Point
A just-in-time newsletter published by Lisa Kellogg

  • Today's Point: One Thing Leads to Another

  • Mid Point: New Grooves: Everyday Practice Continues

  • Open Points: Workshops/Groups

One Thing Leads to Another

2020, the year of One Thing Leads to Another... When unpredictable circumstances necessitate letting go of preconceived paths, we change course and change again. Then, find ourselves rearranging furniture in an effort to find a fresh perspective. The new location of the kitchen table leads to hitting your head on a shelf that's now too deep for what's beneath it - leads to a narrower shelf being fashioned. Removing the old and fastening the new into plaster walls, leads to patching holes and mixing paint. The color, pale violet or dusty blue, blue berries in the painting on the wall or your morning cereal wake me to thinking about my stream writes. Letting the words lead you, tease you forward, one thought to the next.

And then there were all the lines drawn on paper begun in February, lines following form, one line leading to another. This was the first of my daily drawings 2/10/2020.

At my last writing, I thought I'd be offering zoom classes promptly but life continued to follow a new line of inquiry. One 2 hr Real Skills Conference at Akimbo, taken in January 2020, on a whim, has lead to 332 drawings so far. This practice has also brought new creative prospects, a delightful unexpected evolution.

The world slowing down going from an initial 3 week shut down on to extending, expanding and continuing... so went my creative retreat :-) and other adventures at the Little Haven... Something had to give, thus a delay in class starts. Thank you for your patience!

Lucky to be able to follow these lines, it was not without its challenges. 2020 did raise the bar on my skill with being with uncertainty, trusting the process and working my resilience muscles.

My first experience with the concept of "trusting the process" was when I was a student at Goddard College. Their unofficial motto, it was present in much of the advising I experienced. I ran into it again in Shaun McNiff's book Trusting the Process: An Artist Guide to Letting Go. Most recently I was reminded of it in The Creatives Workshop as one of their guidelines. Throughout this year, I've had to remind myself, as well as clients, while experiencing this collective and high level of uncertainty, to release and "trust the process". It's had me revisiting the concept in a deeper way.

I wonder...

  • Was there a once familiar concept that these strange contexts have caused you to revisit in a deeper way? Or, some totally new learning?
  • How might you carry the learning forward?
  • Any thing you need to let go of that would help bring fresh energy to 2021?

New Creative Grooves

Everyday Practice

Yes! as mentioned above, I'm still drawing, everyday. This Drawing #308 includes Seth Godin's book The Practice Seth was finishing this book during the launch of his latest workshop at Akimbo, The Creatives Workshop. The one that sparked all these drawings. The book is a wonderful companion to the workshop and came out in November.

I've been having fun both reading it as a re-connection and furthering of the learning from the workshop and as a prop in some drawings. A way to celebrate that I'm thrilled with the creative streak the workshop instigated. And... the book is "Goding" me on as well!

With about a month to hit my one year mark, I wonder what I'll do then, keep going? I imagine so! Though, it might be time to change it a bit. I wonder what will come from this ongoing practice? It has been freeing. I will celebrate for sure!

Here are a few other "Practice" drawings... (that include the book as subject)
Day 328
Day 304
Day 305
Day 334

Creativity Support &
Little Haven Sessions

I am offering Zoom and other video conferencing sessions as well as phone sessions, if you're feeling Zoomed out.

When weather permits, I am willing to accommodate walking/hike session as a way to meet in person if that is your preference.

If you'd like to schedule with me please reach out through email imp[at] or phone(845)389-0939

Groups & Workshops

Future Offerings:

  • Virtual Midday Meditation
  • New Grooves: Establishing & Maintaining Healthy Habits
  • Begin Again: What's Next? for Multidisciplinary Creatives

Further details in the next issue.

Let me know if you're interested in any and you'll get advanced notice!

For more information go to Classes & Workshops

Any comments, ideas, feedback, other points? Just reply and tell me what you think!

Please share this newsletter with anyone you think may enjoy it. Thanks!

With love, curiosity and gratitude,

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