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To the Point, Issue #0025 -- , Winter Wobble?
March 10, 2020

Winter Wobble?

To the Point
A just-in-time newsletter published by Lisa Kellogg

  • Today's Point: Working Through the Wobble

  • What's Next?: Creativity Support

  • End Point: The End is the Beginning
    A Point is a Circle

Working through the Wobble

In January, I shared my experience of moving from turtle tunnel to magic porthole. I'm happy to report that I'm still feeling the magic. There has been plenty of energy flowing and yes... a bit of wobble too!

Like turning on a high pressure tap, full speed, all at once, it surges here and there like a coiled hose let loose with no one holding the end. So happy to be set free, my inner playful self, "Cereal Girl" is jumping all about with excitement. Ooops, spilling things and getting absorbed in the fun of it and slightly side tracked....

How has landing in the new decade been so far? What about 2020 is piquing your interest?

In order to get up to speed with changes in technology, in January, I signed up for The Real Skills Conference through Akimbo. My idea was to experience and evaluate Zoom's video conferencing tool and get some useful tips on the subject matter.

I did this on a lark with little expectation and was pleasantly surprised. It was a trip! There were over 700 people in this 2 hour video conference (good thing we didn't all try to talk at once). Zoom was easy to use with the ability to form breakout rooms for smaller working groups. After the conference, we had a week to continue the work through a shared message board.

It was fun to be part of an experiment for Akimbo. It was their first conference of this size. Here's a picture from the conference.

I got so much out of the conference and the week of work that followed that I decided to jump into Akimbo's new course, The Creatives Workshop. It has been even more of a trip! I admit I'm a learning junky. I'd forgotten how much energy I get from learning something new.

What brings you fresh energy?

Structure to Loosen Up!

One thing that came up in the workshop was my need to do something everyday to remind myself to engage a playful mindset. Something to invite my inner silly sometimes sassy, Cereal Girl to join me. (With a name like Kellogg, why not, play with it?)

Do you have an inner kid who remembers how to play better than your "get-it-done persona?

I have found if I trust and invite her along, I get more done while having fun. I'm using a few different reminders; wearing a ruffled scarf as well as, daily practices that are part of the workshop. I'm writing and drawing everyday. For the drawing, I have chosen to keep it simple and fun. I am just doing loosey-goosey contour drawings for 100 days.

Here's one of a desk in my VT office. It was my grandmother's. The chair my grandfather repaired for my Mother. It's great to have their presence with me as I write, both playful and a little sassy!

If you are feeling some sort of wobble:

What could tune it, or balance things for you?

Creativity Support

Begin Again

The end is another beginning, a point is a circle.

Yes, thanks to wobble, I'm still sorting out class details. My simmering is nearly soup!

  • Midday Meditation
  • New Grooves: Establishing & Maintaining Healthy Habits
  • Creativity Coaching
  • Creative Camp: Play Pods will be dessert

For more information on when the soup is served, please return in a few days to Classes & Workshops

Any comments, ideas, feedback, other points that you would like me to include? Just reply and tell me what you think!

And Please feel free to share this newsletter with anyone you think may enjoy it. Thanks!


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