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To the Point, Issue #0024 -- , Happy 2020!
January 06, 2020

Wishing You Peace & Wonder for 2020!

From the Heart & Home of Point to Creativity

To the Point, A just-in-time newsletter published by Lisa Kellogg

  • Today's Point: From Turtle Tunnel to Clear Vision
  • What's Next?: Finding Magic
  • End Point: Begin Point

A Magic Porthole

To 2020!

It is surprising how fast a year can go when you're in a turtle tunnel. It's an uncomfortably tight space and progress feels stubbornly slow with everything up close, in your face. It's rigorous work for sure, but then suddenly dust that made it difficult to breath and see becomes sparkling magic. A porthole opens and you land in 2020 with clarity and a fresh perspective. (ahhh, I couldn't resist the 2020/vision metaphor)

You may not have been in a turtle tunnel but getting into a new decade can be daunting depending on where 2019 left you. If you don't feel you've found your magic porthole to 2020 yet, what might help?

Here are questions that could lead to some clear vision.

  • What have you gleaned from your inner and outer "teens" and 2019 travels?
  • What were the inspiring experiences you want to carry forward into 2020?
  • Which are a relief to let go of?
  • Like the sparkling dust that opened a porthole to my 2020, what is your magic?

Going forward...

What kind of good mischief could you get into that would invite more play in your life and the life of others around you?

Maybe its a simple anonymous act of kindness, maybe its a hidden surprise of a more elaborate nature.

Take a chance... what could you do to spark a positive, peaceful ripple...? And, if you have an idea bigger than a ripple, the world sure could use a positive wave, please share it.

Curious to know more of my journey through turtle tunnel to finding magic, keep reading...

or, skip below for a preview of upcoming classes.

Finding Magic

Though I've yet to restart "To the Point" communications, until now. I have updated (most of) my website. Now on a mobile friendly template, you can check it out here.

On to my turtle tunneling, it was a result of soul searching and inner renovations needed after a confluence of difficult experiences. Amusingly, I had a helpful ah ha when describing this confluence as such to a colleague of mine. She supportively refined my description saying "it sounds like a sh*t storm to me!". Nothing like a blunt re-frame to wake up ones minimizing inner dialogue...

Some of these challenges just presented themselves, the kind where stuff happens and you have no part in the happening but they still require responding to and processing, taking time and energy.

Harder for me to get beyond, are challenges that come about as a result of decisions I've made. I'm not so easy on myself when I've chosen a path that seems like a diversion from my purpose. Something that later appears wasn't worth the trade off that I'd imagined.

Ahh, gotta love hindsight from the adventures of life's crossroads. The complex choices that inevitably require surrender to uncertainty are ripe with interesting contrast. In reflecting on these times, I like to remind myself of how boring life would be if we always landed where we imagine. Lost would be the creativity spurred by seeming wrong turns, odd turns and happy accidents that deliver unwelcome gift experiences. Surprisingly, with patience and inquiry these experiences can bare creative fruit. I don't think its healthy to have regrets but sometimes it takes a process to let go and find the gift.

How did I get out of the underworldly adventure, I call my 2018-19 Turtle* Tunnel?

Do Tell?

In addition to the inner work of soul searching, the grounding benefit of physical work was part of what the universe delivered.

I seemed unable for a stretch to participate (except for website updates and client work) in the virtual world of internet, social media communications all quite necessary these days for maintaining and evolving a business, coaching or otherwise. Surrendering to my resistance was also part of the path out of the tunnel.

Ear protection, spackling hawk, sander, as well as breathing exercises, meditation and diet changes were all tools that I used to help find the magic.

Trusting the process, being present with uncertainty, after a time, I found the portal back to 2020. I'm happy to report, it feels great landing in 2020, getting back to my Point!

Other notable mentions of 2019... I've helped my Mom move to an adorable new home. I'm inspired by her courage to change her life in her 80th year. Realizing that her living situation wasn't working as she'd imagined, she didn't give up but found a way to change it for the better.

These and other turtle tunnel derived insights have lead to my currently living in two places Rosendale, were I have lived since 1989 and part time in VT.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. I had some catching up to do. For future reference, its my intention to keep these newsletters shorter and To The Point!

Begin Again

My schedule of classes will be out soon. I'm still sorting out details. Here are possibilities I've got simmering:

  • Virtual Midday Meditation
  • New Grooves: Establishing & Maintaining Healthy Habits
  • Creative Camp: Play Pods
  • Creativity Coaching
  • Career Cartoghraphy

For more information on what the soup becomes, you can return to Classes & Workshops

Any comments, ideas, feedback, other points that you would like me to include? Just reply and tell me what you think!

And Please feel free to share this newsletter with anyone you think may enjoy it. Thanks!

Best Wishes for Living in Peace and On Point in 2020!

*I want to note that a turtle is the mascot of the great web hosting/biz building company, SBI that I use. If they should discover it, I hope they enjoy my playing with turtle tunnels and I wanted to send an affectionate nod to them! If you are curious about them, you can find them here and at the bottom of any of my webpages.

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