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To the Point, Issue #0023 -- , How do you fix a time leak?
April 05, 2014

Makers Refresh & Fixing Time Leaks

To the Point, A just-in-time newsletter published by Lisa Kellogg

  • Today's Point: Fixing Time Leaks
  • What's Next?: Makers Refresh
  • End Point: Inner Elastic

How Do You Fix a Time Leak?

Do you ever feel like your clock has a leak?

  • Time is spilling out but you can't find its escape route.
  • You patch with minutes here and there, only to find a slick bend in between the hours where the numbers just keep slipping off.
  • Or, they tumble out a spigot you didn’t realize existed and is apparently in need of a new valve gasket.
  • Then again, maybe its not leaks, so much as, time thieves, gray suited entities with silent crevice tooled vacuum hoses, sneaking off with bits of your free time.
  • And the big ones, time sucking tornadoes that whirl your hair into a giant cowlick at the top of your head. Disorienting, they may be the real cause of bad hair days.

If you're ready to unwind that twister, try logging your time.

You may be saying, "How could I possible do something so picayune? I'm already overwhelmed!"

I said as much, when first presented with this tool. Then, I tried it and to my surprise and relief, it was quite helpful.

Here's how:

  • Take a piece of paper or a note book and write down every hour or even 1/2 hour. You may want to make copies of the blank log with the times. Thus, you won't need to keep writing the times down everyday that you use it.
  • Throughout your day, write down what you do, just enough to remember later, a list of activities. It can be brief, so that you actually follow through with it.
  • Start with a day or two and work up to a full week.
  • Consider it research or like a hunter, tracking information that will lead to a good catch, a useful insight.
  • Approach it with curiosity and you may be surprised by what you notice when you look back on several days or a week.

I have discovered where I was wasting time without realizing it (then you can do something about it). Also, where I wasn't giving myself credit for certain important but unglamorous tasks.

This winter during a spell where I was feeling derailed, I found it helpful to use a computer calendar instead of a notebook. I had one already for scheduling ahead and created one in another color, just for logging. Comparing the two was insightful and I now have a logging calendar which I can use as needed.

Working for myself, out of my home with many business and creative ideas in the works, boundaries get blurred and effective use of my time can be challenging. Using this tool periodically, helps me fine tune my daily rhythm, keep my focus, and shift a drab mood when I feel like I've gotten little done. It's a relieving check on ones inner critic, as well as, a revealing way to evaluate and make changes with what you are doing in order to be more effective.

May you have surprising and fruitful discoveries as you experiment with it.

Makers, Musicians & Artist Forum

Where Creative Minds Converge

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  • Leave feeling refreshed, inspired, and equipped to promote your work.

I'll be offering a session on Career Mapping. If your interested, don't hesitate as there is an early bird registration price break.

Upcoming Classes & Workshops

Aside from the above presentation at the Makers Forum, my schedule of classes is still on hold due to other priorities. I will return to offering them soon.

Let me know what interests you, and I'll keep it in mind as I put my schedule together. Classes & Workshops

Inner Elastic Band

Sometimes, leaky clocks go hand-in-hand with our inner elastics losing their flexibility.

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24 Hours of Happy

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Check it out and get your flex on…

And Don't Forget to Expand Your Day With Play!

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Looking Forward,

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