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Today's Point: How do you dissolve the k in a fear knot?

What's Next?: Coaching Groups!

Last Points: Are you in a pickle? Try a Green Drink?

What is she up to?

How do you dissolve a fear knot?

Yes, those are my feet! I was... well... experimenting... to find a way to dissolve the "k" in a fear knot so, I could once again "fear not" being upside down in my kayak and progress with learning to roll. Just before this odd experiment, I had jumped ahead of myself, thinking I didn't need nose plugs. Yikes! As the "ouch" of water rushed up my nose, the panic tangled me into a knot of fear about going upside down "in" my kayak even with nose plugs.

This picture might seem silly but, I was seriously and playfully "experimenting" to find a way to dissolve that fear. I wondered, what if... I could somehow get comfortable being upside down under the kayak before getting "in" it again (this time with nose plugs). My silly simulation worked!

I learned to roll several years ago however, the memory of untangling this "fear knot" in a playful way has stayed with me. Recently, I was thinking about it while reflecting on the "sweaty moment" decision and "seat-pant-fly" adventure that I wrote about last year. The results were not so pretty -- like my early attempt to roll without nose plugs, I had jumped ahead of myself and landed, wide eyed in a sour pickle knotty nest.

After my tangled landing, I climbed up a wedge of a cheesy ledge where I surveyed the pickle chasm below. There was plenty of learning to be fermented from that ride. Groan...

So, how do you move forward after a stretch yourself decision doesn't lead to what you imagined?

How do you dissolve those fear knots that tangle up in the process of a scrappy ride?

  • Don't let the knot stop you, sometimes there is a mysterious surprise inside the fear that presents itself as you untangle.
  • Keep moving, taking action.
  • Keep experimenting, try something else.
  • Remember to play or at least engage a playful approach!
  • Cultivate patience & perseverance (practice, practice, practice).

I took a full time job this summer, temporarily putting my coaching business on hold (that's why you have not heard from me in a while). The full time job, more experimenting, was still not the route I was aiming for. So, I set my intent on a better find. By staying open to the possibilities of a different path and coming back to a playful mindset, I have found a much more interesting and fun venture and along the way (one of those surprises) I discovered a new vein that I want to explore.

So, to answer, "What is she up to?"

I am excited to be working with a wonderful, witty, playful Artist and Author, Maria Reidelbach as a Projects Manager for various creative adventures she is cooking up. As a part time venture, it will allow me the time to return to coaching.


What's Next ?

Grow Your New Millennium Visions!

I have been running a monthly coaching series, a Green Vision Group over the last 7 months. It has been received with such enthusiasm, that I have decided to add another monthly series.

Grow Your New Millennium Vision!

The 2nd Tues of the Month 7-9pm Begins 12/14/10.

This 2nd Tues group is not limited to people with "Green" businesses or projects. I am widening the scope to include other people who may share green vision values but whose business or project is not directly involved with the green movement. If you want group coaching and are not sure if this group would be a fit, call me, a brief conversation may help you decide.

For more information go to Coaching Classes

Last Points

Two event ideas in case you are in a pickle about what to do.

Try a Green Drinks event on Wed. evening Nov. 10th. For more info Green Drinks

Or join other picklish people on Sunday Nov. 21st at the Rosendale International Pickle Festival.

Any comments? Ideas? Feedback? Other "Points" you think I should include? I'd love to hear from you. Just reply and tell me what you think!

Thank you,

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