Free Your Mind & Your Muse

Releasing emotions associated with blocking is a great way to free your mind and your muse.

Try this, create a ritual to let it go. Write down what you know about what is blocking you. Or write from the perspective of the stuck part of you, give the procrastination monster voice. Then tear it up or burn it (in a safe way, don't be starting unintended fires, put it in a woodstove, fireplace or grill).

Or, write a letter about being stuck to a made up person of your choice, send it to them without a return address. Imagine the freedom you feel as you mail it. Releasing the yuck, stuck stuff as you drop it in the box.

The writing itself may help you process the block. Plus,you may provide some entertainment for a postal worker somewhere who is assigned with figuring out what to do with mystery mail. OOOOwee, I suppose I could get in trouble with the post office for that idea. (Disclaimer; this suggestion is for idea purposes only, by reading this you take full responsibility for any consequences associated with actually communicating with imaginary persons)

Make it fun. It might not feel like it but, you have a choice about your approach. To lighten up, act it out, embody the procrastination monster. Expressing whatever critical or fearful part of you is getting in the way, giving it voice, will often help to release it. Becoming an exaggerated expression of the stuck part can help you see it more clearly, separate from it and thus free your mind and your muse.

If those suggestions don't work, wash it off... clean yourself, physically and energetically or metaphorically. Take a shower go for a swim.

Take a feather, burn sage or use old bread or crackers. Use any one of these items to clean your aura if you believe in aura's. If you don't, then symbolically use your imagination to picture putting all the yuck that is in and around you in the old bread. Go through the motions of brushing the yuck off from around your body with the feather or other items. If you use bread or old crackers, then feed it to the birds or the fish or dig hole and bury it or just put it in the compost or trash. Then eat a piece of fresh fruit or something your intuition suggests. Treat yourself to something, get fresh flowers or burn a candle and imagine bringing in new fresh energy.

Don't like that approach, try this:

Find a metaphor; imagine yourself as a plant, animal, car, superhero etc. Something that symbolizes who you imagine being when you are no longer stuck and have accomplished the challenge before you. Do something to act like that imagining. Dress up as the metaphor, embody it somehow.

Don't feel like dressing up, find a symbol of the metaphor and place it where you will see it often to remind you of it.

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