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Today's Point: Legacy: An Inquiry

What's New?: Creativity Innovation & Impact: 3 Keys to Creating a Life with Legacy, a 1 hr telephone-class

Last Point: Sound play with Tone Matrix

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An Inquiry About Legacy

We’re born into a legacy and then we leave a legacy, intentionally or not. In between we are transforming what we have been given into something new.

Hmmm… What are you up to?

Is the life you are living consistent with the impact you want to have in the world? What kind of legacy are you creating? What kind of ripple?

I’ve been thinking a lot about legacy lately, pondering it in a broader sense than simply what we leave people at the time of our death. I’m also concerned with what we give, the ways we affect people throughout our lives in addition to what we might leave after we are gone.

Considering both, who we are being and also what we are creating, how can we contribute to transforming not just our personal legacies but also our cultural legacy?

How and for what, do you want to be remembered?

What's New?

Creativity Innovation & Impact: 3 Keys to Creating a Life with Legacy

Learn 3 important keys to creating a life with Legacy. Lisa will share her imp approach, designed to assist you in creating a fulfilling and "fun"filling life, inclusive of making a bigger difference in the world.

Tuesday July 14th, 7:30-8:30pm EST

A one hour tele-class in the comfort of your own home. There is no charge for this class. All you have to do is register and call in at the correct time.

For more information about this tele-class go to the classes page.

Last Point

Now for a little fun, check out this tone matrix by Andre Michelle. Try making some rhythmic music with your mouse.

Here are the directions before you follow the link:

You will see a grid. Use your mouse to click on any square. It will light up and make a sound. The sound will repeat itself and as you keep clicking, the sounds will keep building as you add new tones.

To stop a particular tone click on it again.

To stop the whole thing click your space bar and it will clear it all and you can start again. Tone Matrix

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Thank you, Lisa

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