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To the Point, Issue #0037 -, You Are Invited
February 29, 2024

Take a Leap?

It's Open Today!

To the Point
A just-in-time newsletter published by Lisa Kellogg

  • First Point: Over My Head!

  • Mid Point: Take a Leap!

  • Open Points: Just Begin

Over My Head!

Ed, took this silly photo, of me years ago when I was learning to roll my kayak. I'd "jumped in over my head" not literally, deep water wasn't the issue. Metaphorically, I had really scared myself.

Thinking, I didn't need nose plugs to try the next step in the progression of learning to roll, water rushed up my nose! I panicked and couldn't imagine trying again without feeling great panic.

Problem solving how I might calm my nerves, I decided I'd have to simulate that I was in the kayak with nose plugs on holding my breath. I was able to calmly do this maneuver above & subsequently was able to get back in the kayak and do the same thing without panic.

Eventually, after much practice, I got my roll.

I've been on another sort of learning curve...

Yes! I got in over my head, too much on my plate & a project I thought would be quick & easy. Not so much! With relief, I have surfaced!

Ta Da! Little Haven Living the Magic Inner Haven Membership is finally ready to share.

If you are ready to commit to change & want to build a creative (or health) practice to discover &/or deepen your creative magic, you are invited! LHA Membership

Why Not? Take a Leap!

YES! It is live, I've run tests! All the essential parts are working!

Leap in before Pi Day 3/14/24 Use discount Code:EARLYBIRD to just begin at $8.88 a month instead of $15.55

Good for Inner Haven Level 2 (a six month subscription).

The first month is free with any subscription, so you can try it out to be sure it's a fit.

For more info and to sign up, go to
Living the Magic Inner Haven Membership

Just Begin!

I've had what seems like an endless stream of interruptions and hiccups in my effort to get this service live. Thank you for your patience! Especially, those of you who have been waiting for this for some time.

& thank you for your continued patience as I imagine there will be some details to tune, as well as much to flesh out and add.

For instance, I'm not happy with the integration of Paid Member Pro and Discord. It seems to require you to agree to some things that I have no need or interest in but so far I've not found a way to remove those aspects. & it required in order to use Discord, an essential tool in the service I'm offering.

So, I too am leaping to finally commit to showing up with my participants, sorting it out as I go.

It's time to Just Begin! To Celebrate Process in all its messy mystery & marvel.

It's fully functioning now, the fine tuning will come.

What's Bubbling Up Over at Little Haven?

Jump the Frame above is just getting the beginning of color. You can view other works & my latest blog post over at Little Haven

Any comments, ideas, feedback, other points? Just reply and tell me what you think! I'd love to hear from you.

Please share this newsletter with anyone you think may enjoy it. Thank you!

In Peace & gratitude!

Little Haven Sessions

Sometimes you need a little Haven to return to living your magic.

I offer Zoom and other video conferencing sessions as well as, phone sessions, if you're feeling Zoomed out.

If you'd like to schedule with me please reach out via phone(845)389-0939 or

Little Haven Contact
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