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To the Point, Issue #0035 -, Loop & Pivot?
March 22, 2023

Another Loop, Pivot & a ?

3 X's 365

To the Point
A just-in-time newsletter published by Lisa Kellogg

  • First Point: 2Loop

  • Mid Point: Pivot

  • Open Points: New Drawings & a ?

Loop 365, Pi & ides

Happy Spring!

Despite using an earlier version of 365 as my New Year Greeting, I wanted to share it in full color & finished!

And... there's been another loop of note since I've written. (the original 365 colorless line drawing was created in Feb 2021 to celebrate the completion of a year long streak of daily drawing).

A bit more than a month ago, I completed a 3rd year of my not so new drawing habit. I'd finished adding color to 365 by 2/9/23 intending to send it then...

Oops, caught up with that pivot I mentioned in the last issue, among other adventures, that didn't happen.

Wow winter is finally melting & I've missed Pi day, the Ides of March & St. Pats! All last week. And the Equinox too! Feeling the April fool around the bend, I best not wait any longer...

Point of clarity...

I am no longer streaking, hmmm no I never ran naked through the streets. Though, I once contemplated that it would be exhilarating & fun to streak through the golf course next to the college I was attending (of course, now that could come with a stiff penalties, no longer just a silly prank from ones flower days)

But I digress, you already know I mean, with cloths on, not missing a day. The other kind of streaking is better left in my imagination.

Confident in my daily practice after a 2 year streak, I now occasionally give myself a day off without reverting to self incriminating finger wagging that might have arisen in a skip during the first 2Loop.

Coming back to my side-lined pivot, it's still in process. It may be open for enrollment by April fools day! If not then, I'll aim for the day after tax day... April 16th.

If you'd like to create your own streak, you can learn more about my pivot below and in greater detail over at Little Haven

Workshops Pivot to...

I've put marketing my workshops on hold but will still offer the content (Haven Habits & Abracadabra Hunting...) in a more flexible, accessible format with an online forum and a subscription based service.

I'm happy to introduce: Living the Magic Inner Haven Membership

A place to discover practice & deepen your creative magic.

Located virtually on a private online forum where participants can stay connected, share process, support and encouragement. It will include a variety of zoom offerings held over the course of a month (different topics and times).

More dynamic in its ongoing nature than the limits of a time bound workshop, you can can tailor your participation to your needs and schedule.

I'd love to know if this interest you & if you have any ideas or feedback about how I might create it to meet your needs. There is still time for me to refine it before it's open for enrollment.

If you are willing to share your thoughts, please reply to this email. Thank you!

If you're curious about my process coming to this new format, continue reading. How did I get here?

If not, you can skip down to see more recent drawings and a little magic inquiry...

How did I get here?

After a few stalled starts with the workshops, I ran a very small and successful Haven Habits in May/June of 22. As the year progressed with too many things on my plate, I kept setting start dates and not having time and means to get enough participants enrolled to run it again.

I was starting to feel a little demoralized... time to approach this differently!

I realized, I needed a few more things to make the workshops fly:

1) a bigger mailing list. You are a much appreciated, loyal but relatively small following with diverse reasons for receiving, To The Point.

I get that workshops on creating habits may not light you up. Maybe you aren't missing your magic or in need of finding your abracadabra...

2) An advertising budget(that I don't currently have) and a more specific audience defined to reach. Or

3) A following on social media. Possible but takes time of being on it. Something I've found a great deal of resistance to as some of you know and share the reluctance.

Also, I heard from some of you who were interested but couldn't make the time frames offered or afford the fee.

So, when it was suggested by several friends, I took another look at the idea of a subscription based membership format. In the past I'd discounted it, now it seemed it might be right.

It can start small and grow incrementally due to rolling admission structure. In the beginning you will get more of me, as it will be more of an intimate size and form.

As it grows, it will become more of a community of magic makers helping each other with my guidance and support. Both have value though the participants who agree may change with that change.

If you're ready to make a creative streak or find some more magic and want the support and accountability of myself & others doing the same, join us soon at. Little Haven Membership

Over at Little Haven...

I've been drawing at the wonderfully supportive,

Open Mic at the Poultney Pub,

lead by Danny Lang on the right or just above on mobile.

Below is a regular performer, Nick.

Making magic with the keys above are JD's hands.

You can find more of these drawings over at my blog Little Haven

Do you believe in Magic?

With St. pats, the magic of Pi Day, Ides of March & the Vernal Equinox fresh behind us, I've been thinking about luck, does it exist? and...

Isn't good luck a kind of magic? It feels like that when I find a 4 leaf clover out of the blue. I glance down, it stares back at me winking, here I am! Often enough, at auspicious moments to make me giggle!

But is it really magic or as Stuart Lichtman suggest, luck is just "unconsciously generated success". A fun notion, I suppose bad luck may be the same unconsciously generated flops, missed it by that much!

Can we transmute the bad luck into good luck? Would that be magic?

So that's my curiosity for today!

Does magic exist?

& What does it mean to you?

I'd love to know, what you think.

Please hit reply and tell me!

Any comments, ideas, feedback, other points? Just reply and tell me what you think!

Please share this newsletter with anyone you think may enjoy it. Thank you!

In Gratitude & Peace!

Little Haven Sessions

Sometimes you need a little Haven to return to living your magic.

I offer Zoom and other video conferencing sessions as well as, phone sessions, if you're feeling Zoomed out.

If you'd like to schedule with me please reach out via phone(845)389-0939 or

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