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To the Point, Issue #0032 -, What is ekphrastic?
October 28, 2022

Bird's Eye Magic

& Incremental Leaps

To the Point
A just-in-time newsletter published by Lisa Kellogg

  • First Point: Incremental Leaps

  • Mid Point: Playing W/Words & ?s

  • Open Points: Finding Magic Workshops

Catching up, running away? Catching up, Tag!

A place to start, anywhere... begin again, its a cycle, seasons change... the summer's flown, fall is beyond full on.

Time is quirky. It's felt like being in a wormhole on vacuum setting, where does it go!

Above, my drawing of the trestle in Rosendale from my desk, through my computer... It’s been fun, kind of like a space time wormhole...

Might as well enjoy the trip! It’s the one you're on...

I find it challenging to estimate time and that may be amplified by living in 2 places. My frame of reference is split, and I forget to consider this context among others when anticipating linear space.

Despite time quirks and the occasional disorientation at transitions between locations, I am happy to be spending time in both places, VT and the Hudson Valley, they are both beautiful and I love the family & friends I get to be with in both places...

And... with time scooting past... I wonder is what I imagined ever going to come to fruition? Thank you, Bird's Eye View... Yes! Even if not quite as I anticipated, creations move ahead bit by bit...

Thus, arises the notion of incremental leaps.

What seems to be crawling along at best, perceived from another view doesn't appear to be incremental at all but a leap.

One oxymoron leads to another sort of... could it be a reversal? as well as a contradiction or a paradoxical notion...

Resistance Repellent?

Streams of thought... incremental leaps lead to repellent resistance or... resistance repellent. I like the second best! Something that would repel resistance as if it was an unwanted biting insect.

My apparent resistance to the consistent publication of this pointed newsletter could use a repellent... that might be a useful creative tool: Unscented (so it goes unnoticed) Resistance Repellent. Comes in 3 sizes... good for putting time in reverse, back it up so you can find the missed current, catch the flow again.

Ha Ha!

Sometimes, a birds eye view helps to find the magic... A vista or imagined one at least, brings a fresh sense of your location.

I'm enjoying the contrast, the season changes, the incremental, the leaps, going fast and going slow, all at the same time. Impossible, possibilities. Certain, uncertainty! One to balance the other.

The magical hypothetical & magnetic. Drawing something into or out of the between. Conjuring something delightful, luck shows up. I return again to, Trust the Process...

All this brings me to the news of my latest workshop What's Next? Find Your Abracadabra Begins January 17, 2023.

Register by 11/30/22 for a 33% savings use Coupon Code: EBIRD33 in in shopping cart when you register. I'm also offering another series of Haven Habits starts January 11th, EBIRD33 code works for this as well.

Little Haven Arts

Though its been a stretch since you've heard from me here, I continue to post, (except for the occasional gap) weekly, over at Little Haven Blog

Here is a recent drawing in which I feature friend, Frauke Kasper's delightful Elemental Beginnings her "debut novella, a mother's journey, a fairytale for adults."(Frauke was a fellow traveler, in The Creative Workshop that I participated in in 2020.)

I had fun in the post of the earlier version of this drawing playing with the word ekphrastic

Ekphrastic Beginnings

Wondering What's Next?

This centuries 20's continue to be a wild ride, likely made more stressful by mass media and culture that absorbs and reflects it's message propagating fear and distrust of the other. Divisiveness and enragement unfortunately get clicks and sell.

In addition to limiting your mass media consumption and getting out in nature more. I think its helpful to engage processes that release fear based states and invite expansive states of possibility. Good questions are a place to begin... Here's one I've been exploring in my morning meditations thanks to Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Who do you want to be?

I've added a caveat, think not so much about labels or an identity such as a profession but instead a quality of being.

Who do you want to be today?

Here's some of what's come up for me. Eager, happy, open, curious, coherent, flexible, resilient, enough enchanted, surprised, grateful receptive, lush. Love...

I have found it's a great way to invite the day. In the beginning, you might take time releasing an old story or pattern of what you've been repeating. Dispenza suggest writing a list of what to let go of, and to stick with it until you can embody a new preferred feeling.

I notice, the more I pay attention to my state of being, the easier it is to choose to release angst that arises and get back to a peaceful state. It does take practice to keep unpredictable circumstances that are beyond my control from souring my mood. What about you?

Who do you want to be?

Groups & Workshops

Rambunctious riders of life, ready to change and old habit story into a new one? Want a place to practice?

  • Haven Habits Starts 1/11/23 meets via video conference.
Other details at Haven Habits I'm offering To the Point readers a special 33% savings if you register by 11/30/22 just enter the code: EBIRD33

Keep an eye out for my next email if you'd like to attend a complimentary intro with Q & A for this as well as my newest workshop

Creativity Support &
Little Haven Sessions

Missing the Magic? Lost Your Abracadabra?

Sometimes you need a little Haven to help rekindle your enchantment with life/work or whatever isn't sparkling.

I offer Zoom and other video conferencing sessions as well as, phone sessions, if you're feeling Zoomed out.

If you'd like to schedule with me please reach out via phone(845)389-0939 or

Little Haven Contact

Future Offerings:
  • Virtual Midday Meditation
  • The Smoking Pens
  • Living the Magic!

Any comments, ideas, feedback, other points? Just reply and tell me what you think!

Please share this newsletter with anyone you think may enjoy it. Thank you!

Have a great weekend & A Happy Holloween!

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