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To the Point, Issue #0031 -, Sitting on the Fence?
May 03, 2022

View from an Imaginary Fence?

Its not too Late I've Bumped the Date

To the Point
A just-in-time newsletter published by Lisa Kellogg

  • First Point: A Quick Update

  • Mid Point: is missing today

  • Open Points: Creativity Support

If you've been Sitting on the Fence...

I've bumped the date of Haven Habits, it now starts on 5/11/22 at 7 pm. There is still time to register.

If you've been sitting on the fence. Here's a little incentive to jump. When you register by 5/5 use coupon code: jumpnow15 for 15% savings.

Especially good for the habit finicky, rambunctious riders of life among us.

If your inner rebel gets in the way of your efforts to develop a new groove, this workshop Little Haven Habits could help.

If you're curious to know more of what I've been up to, have a look over at Little Haven Arts where I post every week. Little Haven Blog

Below is one of my latest works nearly finished.

Creativity Support &
Little Haven Sessions

Missing the Magic? Lost Your Abracadabra?

Sometimes you need a little Haven to help rekindle your enchantment with life/work or whatever isn't sparkling.

I offer Zoom and other video conferencing sessions as well as, phone sessions, if you're feeling Zoomed out.

If you'd like to schedule with me please reach out through email imp[at], hit reply or phone(845)389-0939

Groups & Workshops

Haven Habits Starts 5/11/22 will meet via video conference Wednesday 7-8:15 pm EST. Other details and how to register are at

Haven Habits

Future Offerings:
  • Virtual Midday Meditation
  • The Smoking Pens
  • What's Next? Finding Your Abracadabra: for Multidisciplinary Creatives

Any comments, ideas, feedback, other points? Just reply and tell me what you think!

Please share this newsletter with anyone you think may enjoy it. Thanks!

Happy Spring! Lisa

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