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To the Point, Issue #0030 , Looking for Rambunctious Riders
April 08, 2022

Looking for April Fool's...

For Rambunctious Riders of Life

To the Point
A just-in-time newsletter published by Lisa Kellogg

  • First Point: Why not April Fool's year?

  • Mid Point: Humankind

  • Open Points: 5/11 Haven Habits Workshop

Am I Repeating Myself?

Last newsletter, I asked "Am I caught in a loop of repeating myself like the Bill Murray character in the movie Groundhog Day? Yikes, Please no! was my answer but in fact, building a new habit, I have been repeating myself and its not such a bad thing.

We all have a need for both certainty and uncertainty (in varying degrees) and repeating oneself to make a habit is not so difficult though for much of my life I resisted the certainty involved in it.

Doing the same thing over and over brings boredom, can feel confining, even stifling but what if it could also be a structure that creates support for another kind of freedom. That's what I discovered along the way. It changed my habit story but its too long of a tale for a newsletter called, To The Point!

It is however what brought me to offer a workshop on building Healthy Habits. Especially good for the habit finicky, rambunctious riders of life among us.

If your inner rebel gets in the way of your efforts to develop a new groove, this workshop Little Haven Habits could help. It starts on May 11th at 7 pm EST, meets weekly,for 6 sessions with additional app support in between. Register by Monday April 25 for a 33% savings using coupon code EBIRD33.

Wait, I thought April Fool's Year? was the first point today? I did list it that way but with April fool's on my mind, my inner rambunctious one, decided to mix it up.

I was preoccupied with some work on April 1st and didn't make the time or tale to spoof anyone. It made me think I'm not playing enough. I also wanted to send this out on April fools day but got clear it wouldn't be done in time. That's when I thought, Why stop at a day?

It's been an intense couple of years for folks, I think it would be good if we could extend April Fool's Day for the whole month, even the year, maybe forever! to focus on and encourage more play. It's so under valued, still so often dismissed as frivolous and yet its so important.

Thus my ever present question & invitation...

How could you play more, this spring, this year?

  • What rambunctious thing could you do to uplift yourself and others near you?


I recently read (listened to actually) Humankind:A Hopeful History by Rutger Bregman Its the best book I've read in a long time! Delightful, uplifting, its a relief. A big Yes!

And not surprising to me though it might be to some, to see how the insidious nature of mass media has painted a negative picture of human nature, shaped our beliefs about self and thus created negative feedback loops in our internal systems as well as the external ones we create collectively.

I agree with Rutger's suggestion that we would be wise to limit or turn off altogether, the mainstream news media and seek out independent journalist to inform ourselves with more in-depth nuanced information (my paraphrase) inclusive of greater historical contexts.

Here's a short video of Rutger introducing it. Humankind: A Hopeful History

If you're curious to know more of what I've been up to, have a look over at Little Haven Arts where I post every week. Little Haven Blog

Below is a picture of one of my favorite works from the last 2 months followed by a link to the full post. It was my return to social media, getting over my resistance by revealing it and sharing concerns about what's happening to social media as well as my intentions going forward. A few reflections on the process writing it...

Sometimes you work intensively over time at a piece of writing for an underwhelming response both from yourself at completing it and maybe others reading it too. Then you get on to the next thing because maybe all it was, was a kind of clearing a clogguhg, stumbling as you get over yourself...

Then you let it go knowing from the experience, you'll come back around to it again. Sudden clarity, more succinct words spring out at you, now that you've released it by sharing it. You can edit more, cut unnecessary qualifying explanations that you missed with your earlier magnifying inspections, it evolves, you trust the process.

Yes, some pieces fight you, some flow easily and when you keep at it, you find peace within the process.

Peace Please

Peace, Enter the Fray

Creativity Support &
Little Haven Sessions

Missing the Magic? Lost Your Abracadabra?

Sometimes you need a little Haven to help rekindle your enchantment with life/work or whatever isn't sparkling.

I offer Zoom and other video conferencing sessions as well as, phone sessions, if you're feeling Zoomed out.

If you'd like to schedule with me please reach out through my contact form or phone(845)389-0939

Groups & Workshops

Haven Habits Starts 5/11/22 will meet via video conference Wednesday 7-8:15 pm EST. Other details and how to register are at

Haven Habits I'm offering a special 33% savings if you register by Monday 4/25/22 just enter the code: EBIRD33

Future Offerings:
  • Virtual Midday Meditation
  • The Smoking Pens
  • What's Next? Finding Your Abracadabra: for Multidisciplinary Creatives

Any comments, ideas, feedback, other points? Just reply and tell me what you think!

Please share this newsletter with anyone you think may enjoy it. Thanks!

Happy Spring! Lisa

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