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Today's Point: What is Sprouting?

What's Next?: Grow Your Green Vision: Coaching Series begins April 6th

Last Point: Checking your Assumptions

What is Sprouting Out of the Thaw?

I love all the seasons and I always enjoy the magic of snow but, this year, I was pleased and relieved when spring arrived. This winter was peculiar. If you read prior issues, you heard about the time warps and worm holes, more recently, it was frost heaves! I know that I was not alone in experiencing an "uneven" winter ride. Thankfully, frost heaves are temporary bumps. I'm ready to sprout something fresh and new. What about you?

It was "inquiry" that started this newsletter adventure last year so, I thought I would sprout year 2 with another question to ponder? In keeping with the spring theme and at the risk of sounding corny, I play with garden metaphors:

What are you sprouting?

If you hit a "frost heave", is there anything that is coming out of it's thawing? What's testing the air? What needs tending? What buds are you anticipating?

I have been re-evaluating some aspects of my business and asking what's up now? What's sprouting? Recently, I have been in a process of carving down, getting more specific about who I work with. Who has been showing up and what have I "cultivated"? Who am I ideally suited to work with and most enjoy working with?

I have discovered, (through inquiry) that I work mostly with independent minded, break the mold, individuals. It seems to be a common thread, whether I am working with artist, self identified "creatives" or not. Somehow, even when I am working with people from a corporate or other setting that you might not expect to see those characteristics, the people I attract often have these characteristics and find it challenging to honor that part of themselves and still thrive in a context that may not place a high value on those traits.

So part of what is sprouting for me is being more explicit about working with people who are adventurous, independent minded, break the mold individuals.

What's Next ?

Grow Your Green Vision!

Are You Ready to Grow Your Green Vision?

This is a shout-out to all the adventurous souls of the Hudson Valley who are blazing new trails in the new millennium, and pointing the way to a more healthy, sustainable and enjoyable world. We want to help!

Gather monthly with other green leaders and "greenprenuers" to help keep our green visions in action, accelerate the development of our businesses or projects and reach new levels of success for ourselves and our communities.

Begins Tues. April 6th 7 pm

For more info and to register go to Grow Your Green Vision

Last Point

A closing quote:

"The assumption that what currently exists must necessarily exist is the acid that corrodes all visionary thinking." - Murray Bookchin

Any comments? Ideas? Feedback? Other "Points" you think I should include? I'd love to hear from you. Just reply and tell me what you think!

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